Ethan Carel - Oct 11, 2022

Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 001

In this week's blog post, I wanted to showcase a variety of stylish and beautifully decorated rooms and living spaces that I came across while looking for ideas and inspiration online. Think of this as one big Pinterest board turned into an entire blog post. Every room has been designed by creative every-day people with some artistic talent and a love for home decor!

Artistic and Contemporary

Wow! That was my thought at first glance when I saw this room. This beautiful home is adorned is such in such a way that looks and feels warm, grand, and almost regal. I love how there are several pieces of furniture that have their own character, but still fit and compliment the overall appearance of the room. The artwork also gives the room a classy and contemporary vibe as well that is very rare to see in modern designs. Photography by Alex I. 

There Cozy, and then there's COZY

This photo was taken in a beautiful home located in Tonglu, a town in the Zhejiang province in China. I know if I was here, I would be too busy enjoying the stunning view while taking an exquisite nap on the plush couches. There are many of these beautiful places across China, I would definitely recommend checking out this province if you like to travel. Photgraphy by Daniel W.

Have you ever seen a sunset like this?

Yes this is someone's actual house, not a cafe. Yeah, I am very jealous too. And yep, there is in fact a disco ball. How could this room possibly get cooler? This room is simultaneously classy, and electric at the same time. The room owner definitely throws some awesome house-parties!

A Morning in Chicago

This, and a cup of nice hot coffee too! This is probably one of the best book-reading-corner types of places I have ever seen in a home. I appreciate how the room design is actually quite simple, but it does not take away from the spectacular view outside.

A Dreamy Farmhouse

This 1890's farmhouse is located in New York state. I absolutely love this style, it is so inviting and cozy. The color scheme of the paint and furniture is so pleasant and soothing. This home would be the perfect, low-key getaway from an urban city. Photography by Olivia Morris.

Kick back and Relax

What a charming living room! I can totally see myself here hanging out with buddies and watching a football game. What really catches my eye is the lovely mantel art and rug! It brings a colorful, geometric style to the room that feels fun and dynamic. Photgraphy by Josh Davis, @joshdxvis on Instagram.

10/10 Would live here

Now this room is absolutely gorgeous. It is intended to be used as a reading nook, and I wholeheartedly agree. The deep maroon paint, the golden brown wood, and the abundantly lush greenery all come together so harmoniously here.

Lighting to the next level

The use of color and lighting in this room is phenomenal, I personally have never seen anything like it. The lamp shades are yellow hessian material on the outside and pink on the inside, which creates this splendid effect. I will definitely be exploring this more, and trying to implement this in my own home! Photography by Macca. Lampshades can be found on

Less Is More

The interior of this lovely Swedish apartment is very modest and handsome, the perfect example of minimalist design done right. The earthy tones, the tasteful ornaments, and overall vibe is perfect. Minimalist interior designs have always fascinated me, this is one of those prime examples why.

Sweet and Sleek

This is a family room that was DIY revamped, and is located in South Africa. It is very stunning, what strikes me the most is the magnificent wooden wall! There was a lot put into the various parts of the home in general, but it turned out so beautiful.

And that concludes the first Home Decor Spotlight! This was very fun to write and I intend on releasing more blog posts like this in the future. Thanks for reading, see you again soon!

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