Ethan Carel - Oct 24, 2022

Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 002

Welcome back to another design spotlight! This week we will be exploring even more examples of beautiful rooms and homes that have been decorated to perfection; and to shine the spotlight on the people who decorated them. Oh man, If only my own home looked as good as some of the ones you'll find below.

One thing I wanted to do differently in this blog post is not only feature great examples of home decor, but showcase some products that look similar. That way in case you wanted to re-create the look in your own home, you'll have a head start on where to look!


Look at this beautiful home! The decorator went above-and-beyond to create a living space that looks warm, gorgeous and uplifting. Green is actually my favorite color, and I love how well the green tones look in this living room. 

Here are some similar looking products I found online that you might like! If you click on the text below each image, it will take you to a product page. Please note, not all of these products are the same exact ones you see in the room. Some of them just look similar.



This photo is actually of a room at a university in Besançon, France. I cannot stop admiring the beauty of the space. I love love love hardwood floors and wooden furniture, there's just something so tasteful about it.


How cute is this bedroom! The only thing that looks more comfy than this bedroom is the Snorlax hanging out on the bed. I feel myself relaxing and winding down just by looking at this room. Credits to u/Ranchu_craft. 


Now this is a reading nook! The ample natural light, the beautiful plants, and the furniture all create such a comfortable atmosphere. This is a perfectly fitting place to sit back and get lost inside your favorite fantasy book. I think the charming radio by the chair is the cherry on top! Photo credits to @veldonreads on instagram. I would highly recommend giving their page a visit if you like fantasy books.


Check out this stunning home! These are photos of the inside of a beautiful 100-year-old cabin right next to Lake Ontario. I have no ideas how many hours I would spend just lounging by the lake. These are one of the homes that have a spectacular view of the outside and INSIDE. This entire cabin is actually for rent on Airbnb, here is a link to their page! 


Would you believe me I told you this is actually the inside of a narrowboat? Yeah that's right, this is the coolest one I have ever seen too! I have not had the chance to actually get on one myself, but it must be so nice getting to hang out here on a nice summer day. I might just start saving up for one of my own!


Now this is cool. There are so many reasons I like this room. One, it features a gorgeous Brazilian Rain Tree. Two, there are some awesome looking terrariums that have springtails and isopods inside of them. And if that was not cool enough, you can enjoy the view of this room from a super comfy and colorful couch! Photography by u/mortuali on Reddit.


If I had to choose a place to nap on a nice fall afternoon, It would be right on this fabulous couch. This room looks so comfortable, and is furnished in such a way that makes you want to snuggle up and stay inside. I am also a huge fan of the windows! Photography by Douglas Scott. 


I have always wanted to make a nice projector setup in my own home, and this room makes me want to set one up ASAP. How cozy! I love it because it looks great and at least seems to be more convenient than having to work around a big TV. If this were my room, a movie-night would probably turn into movie-couple days. Photography by u/ditchloach on Reddit.


Corners of rooms can be difficult to decorate, but this corner is a shining example of corners done right. I am a huge fan of mini-galleries of paintings and art, and the artwork in this room was done tastefully. I would totally be down to have a few drinks here!

And that concludes this week's spotlight! Expect a couple more of these over the coming weeks, as well as some exciting products made by the some of the vendors and artisans that we have partnered with recently. 

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