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Ethan Carel - Nov 7, 2022

Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 003

It's about that time again! Welcome back to another decor spotlight. Like always, we will be checking out the rooms of some very creative people. I really do feel quite jealous looking at how amazing some of the rooms people can put together. I have to start getting my stuff together soon!


I love when a room reflects the spirit of the people in them. You can tell that a highly creative and tasteful personality is behind the design and layout of this room. I am a huge fan of how art is used to bring color, energy, and an appealing atmosphere into this space. Well done! Photo credits to @pan.cukierek on Instagram. 

Some of the art you see in this room is actually for sale by the room owner! Here is a link to their Etsy page where they sell a variety of vibrant and beautiful decorative pieces.



Ok, I'm Jealous. I just love how beautiful the sun's rays illuminate and highlight the beauty of this room. It's so soft and sweet, I am a huge fan of the warm color palette used throughout the entire space. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Barraball. 


This is totally my favorite fall-getaway. The combination of the tasteful and relaxing grays, accompanied by the nice wooden furniture give this room a spacious and laid-back vibe that I am totally digging. 


Those dogs are living my dream. I love the vibrant designs and colors throughout this room, and the colorful furniture to match. I have actually been looking for a circular rug for my own home because I love how they turn out in rooms like this. Photo courtesy of Katie. 


Wow, just wow. I love how well-furnished this room is, it feels like everything seems to fit exactly where it belongs. I am totally a fan of this space!


I cannot get enough of that couch. Some pieces of furniture are put together and arranged so nicely that they alone can bring 100 cool points immediately into your space. The gorgeous floral painting and the vibrant rug are so fitting for the plush and luxuriously green couch. Photos courtesy of J. Rivers.


Look familiar? This room provokes feelings of nostalgia for me in the best way. It looks so similar to my grandparents' home. The grand fireplace, the orangish-brown walls, the carpet, the chair. This is such a timeless style. 


Art, Art, Art! Framed art is superior to anything else you can have on a wall, period. In my opinion anyway. I absolutely adore the lively and vibrant atmosphere in this room. I have been looking everywhere for a rug like the one in this room too! Photo courtesy of Logan Stroburg.


This room is delightfully green and clean. I get a very uplifting feeling from this section of the room, I don't know what it is about it! It is put together so nice and neatly, I wish my whole home was this well arranged. Photo courtesy of Bao Tran Ton.


Cool, Dark Rooms are so classy. There is something so cool and mysterious about black paint and dark furniture. The combination of that and the natural sunlight + the warm candles create a 10'/10 room in my book. 

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