10 "Wow!" Pillow Cover Ideas

10 "Wow!" Pillow Cover Ideas

A new season is just around the corner, so why not freshin up your living space with some new and trendy throw pillows? We've scouted around and discovered some the coolest pillows and pillow covers we could find and we believe you'll love.

Monteverde Set by Monday Moose


We are in love with these masterfully handmade velvet pillows sold by TheMondayMoose store. According to many of their customers, these particular pillows are soft to the touch. It features a chain stitch and color coordinated hidden zipper. The zipper itself has a wide opening which makes insertion of filling nice and easy.


Rust Velvet Pillow Cover by SoftHomeTextile

These charming pillows bring a sophisticated, comforting and down-to-earth look into your living space. Sewn from high-quality upholstery velvet fabric, purchasers of these pillows often compliment their soft, luxury-like texture. SoftHomeTextile also has an excellent reputation for providing fast delivery, quality and personalized customer service, and a beautiful catalog of other products that we highly recommend checking out!


Extra Long Cat Soft Pillow by Gee and Bee Boutique


Wow, right? These super cute body pillows are specially handcrafted and sold by GeeandBeeBoutique, a small business based in Edmonton, Alberta. These are the absolute gift pillows for the cat-lovers in your life or for someone who loves a cute, fluffy and surprising gift!

Wildflower Pillow Cover by Laurel and Blush Co.


Extravagant, serene, gorgeous, these are just some of the words we'd use to describe this wonderful pillow handmade and sold by LaureandBlushCo. This unique throw pillow features a beautiful wildflower print with a blue gray and terracotta color palette. Sold in multiple sizes and in either a single or double-sided fabric, you can get this cover to fit most of any inserts you have available.

Personalized 3D Throw Face Pillow by PersonalizeWithStyle

PersonalizeWithStyle makes custom-made pillows from photos you send them! Whether it be a pet, your best friend, or even a photo with multiple people, you can create a pillow that captures the life of the photos you love. We absolutely love this idea, and we anticipate that these pillows will be trending for a long-time to come


Round 13.5” Pintuck Throw Pillows (Mauve)

Round throw pillows and floor cushions are everywhere now! These elegant woven pillows feature a very unique and authentic design that many other pillows simply don't have. They are made by Ellen who's a small artisan who owns MulanDesigns, a store based in Hunterville, North Carolina. If you're looking to support a small women-owned business and snag some visually stunning floor cushions, we recommend checking them out.

Modern Floral Pillow Cover by Laure and Blush Co.

We think Laure and Blush deserve another mention, I mean look at this classy, modern and floral pillow cover. We are not surprised that this is actually one of their bestsellers. Handmade with premium cotton, we would definitely include this pillow in any light and floral space.

Cognac Faux Leather Pillow Cover by Porter Lane

 The "Preston" Pillow covers offered by Porter Lane are a must-have this coming fall season. Featuring a classic cognac color, and a faux leather inspired appearance, this pillow introduces some lovely earth tones.

Authentic African Pillow, Mustard Mudcloth, by Krinto 

These handmade mudcloth are imported from skilled african artisans, and we can't get enough of them right now. Being one of today's more sought-after decor accents, these classy and trendy pillows are making a breakthrough across interior design circles. Krinto is an established brand and leader in this space, offering great customer service and 100% authentic pillows.


Soft Velvet Pillow with Frill “Light Pink” by Moi Mili


Moi Mili is an upcoming brand offering some unique velvet pillow covers that are catching our eye. We are particular fans of their Frilled Velvet Pillows, featuring a beautiful appearance and a soft, smooth texture. They offer a variety of other colors such as "Sapphire", "Mustard", and "Emerald".


 And there you have it, 10 cool pillow covers we think you'll love this new season. Feel free to check out our catalog of our own pillows and pillow covers, or continue checking out our blog!




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