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Bay Area Artisans: Blue Plate

Discover the fascinating, vibrant and scandinavian-inspired ceramics of Blue Plate. Founded and based in the Los Altos Hills of Northern California. 

Good Mood Ceramics

Creativity is embedded in gifting, especially surprise gifts. It requires getting a thoughtful, needful, and useful thing that its receiver will appreciate. When I buy gifts for someone, I always opt for artistic, creative, and unique items. Something that can keep the memories of that moment alive for a long time while being useful to the person I gave. On top of the list of things I gift out are – ceramic plates. Ceramics art is known to carry ancient themes and timeless beauty with touches of contemporary personal look. 

Blue plate ceramics are crafted in Northern California, Los Altos Hills. The ceramics are created focusing on Scandinavian aesthetics - a clean, minimalistic artistic approach that combines functionality with beauty. Blue plate ceramics come in various cool, vibrant, and unique colors with personalization - on request.

"Clay interested me because it is such a tactile material. It feels good in my hands, and that good feeling allows me to let my spirit, passions, and sense of aesthetics merge to it”

Blue Plate ceramics are created focusing on wheel throwing and hand building. The result is endless visually appealing aesthetic possibilities. Each ceramic is designed and handcrafted meticulously, and the result is beautiful everytime.

Blue Plate ceramics was started 15 years ago by an artist, a mother of four, and a photographer. According to her, working with clays helps her to converse with her mental parts while leaving creative space for spontaneity and variation.  She takes clear, unfiltered pictures of her ceramics before shipping them. She is naturally inspired by nature, music, memories, and her state of mind. These, in turn, have a great influence on are crafted ceramic plates.

She has a constant problem solving-spirit and willingness to learn through experimental and innovative designs. She also enjoys the process-driving nature and evolving learning processes of ceramic arts.

If you're interested in her work, you can find it at Purplemaroon Collectives, which is a creative space for local designers and makers in San Francisco. It is located at 4089 24th Street, San Francisco.  They are open Wed-Sun 11am-6pm, Mon&Tues by appointment. 

A Dive Into Their Collection 

Everything tastes and looks better on Blue Plate ceramic art – it creates a unique and peaceful atmosphere that helps relax your mind while enjoying the wonders of life. Buy it for yourself or present it as a thoughtful memorable gift for your loved ones.

I would highly recommend visiting their website at to check out their whole collection! I spent a good hour just scrolling because of how interesting every single collection is. 

All of the pieces in this blog post can be found on their website. Some pieces may not still be available for purchase. All photography used in this blog post is courtesy of Blue Plate.


Primary Author: Animashaun Latifat Arinola 

Small edits by Ethan Carel


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