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Bay Area Artisans: Bonnie Belt

Learn more about Bonnie Belt, a skilled artisan with the ability to create intriguing and fascinating artworks. 

Creating art rooted in nature.

Trees are the precious hidden best friend of humans. They absorb our exhaled CO2, moisten and cool our air, create oxygen for us, and act as windbreakers while protecting the earth against soil erosion. Planks are also used to make interior furniture. Woodwork arts and home plants were my way of appreciating our unique connection with trees until I stumbled upon Bonnie Belt ceramic sculptures. 

Bonnie was born in Central California but moved to Southern California when she was 3 years old. Today they reside within the redwood trees of Mendocino county. She has made many stunning ceramic arts that are rooted in nature. She gets her inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th that focuses on creating harmony with nature and a sense of personal peace. She is also influenced by the Japanese and Chinese Arts.

”I am inspired by strong composition that reflects a pleasing pattern of shadows and highlights. I am then drawn to the attitude projected by the natural subjects. I want to feel the personality, which I hope I can reproduce in my sculpture. Using a photo as a reference, I sketch my subject, usually as part of a vessel, incorporating the birds, animals, or trees onto a ceramic form”. Bonnie B.

Bonnie has an educational background in social science from California Polytechnic University, where she developed her passion for ceramic art. She studied Chinese brush painting from a pro called Ning Yeh at Claremont College in the late 1970s to early 1980s. Bonnie also studied ceramics at Mohave Valley Community college while attending many workshops to sharpen her creative knowledge.

With the skills she has acquired, bonnie has created many masterpieces, living-like and unique tree/nature-embracing ceramic artworks. The base ceramics upon which she attaches her natural subjects are usually hand-built. She usually creates her well-detailed tree branches ceramics by coiling clays and rolling the coils over split logs. She then manipulates the texture of the coils to form her desired tree shapes and details.

She is constantly learning and checking through photos and prints online to get something that will spark her creative interest. Most of her artworks are created using photos as references. She will tirelessly hand-build with clay to make creative changes to the pictures until it conveys her desired forms, emotions, and personality. She seems to have endless streams of ideas and possibilities with her method and techniques.

Unique creativity should be appreciated and shared. One great thing about Bonnie Belt ceramic artworks is they can be used as interior décor. She also creates useful tree-like ceramic home utensils such as teapots. On her website, you will always see unique and personal ceramic artwork to purchase. Visit her website to feed your eye with unique, sophisticated artwork and buy for your loved ones.

A Dive Into Their Collection 

The first thing that attracted me to her artworks was how detailed and living-like she created the root systems of the ceramic sculpture. The tree looks well-detailed and stunning! I love how she stylishly made the tree-like sculptures into useful household utensils such as teapots and flower vases.

All her ceramic artworks are unique, realistic, and sophisticated. She uses fanciful, whimsical styles to create her artistic voice – Trees. Her ceramic artworks are mostly in blue, green, or teal colors because they represent the color of nature.

I would highly recommend visiting their website at to check out their whole collection! I spent a good hour just scrolling because of how interesting every single collection is. 

All of the pieces in this blog post can be found on their website. Some pieces may not still be available for purchase. All photography used in this blog post is courtesy of Bonnie Belt Ceramics.


Primary Author: Animashaun Latifat Arinola 

Small edits by Ethan Carel


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