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Bay Area Artisans: Sophisticated Ceramic Artist Lisa Fleming

Introducing San Francisco's very own Lisa Fleming, a highly talented and creative ceramic artist who crafts wheel thrown porcelain art pieces.

Channeling Creative Energy to Create Beautiful Forms. 

San Francisco is a beautiful city home to a melting pot of people with a wide variety of creative ideas and artistic talent. I get inspired by the very cool artwork and crafts I come across whenever I get the chance to visit the city. Recently I discovered Lisa Fleming's work while I was looking for artisans in the area, and as soon as I saw her incredible ceramic designs I knew I had to write about it and share!

Lisa Fleming is a ceramic artist and San Francisco native who has made a wide variety of stunning decorative crafts.  She takes inspiration from Scandinavian designs and creates forms with a beautiful shape. Much of her work also features unique patterns with vibrant colors.

"Making ceramics gives me an opportunity to channel and focus my creative energy into an object. Focusing my mind on that one object and quietly concentrating on shape, line, design, surface and color allows me to express my drive for order, beauty and form". Lisa F.

All of her work is crafted while keeping design and form in mind. She manages to make her crafts simple yet sophisticated at the same time, as well as still and simultaneously dynamic. The result is a design that looks stunning through and through. 

She has a background in fine arts and graphic design with a later degree in ceramics. With the knowledge and skills she has, she creates gorgeous forms and makes all her own glazes and colored clays in her studio in San Francisco. Using a pottery wheel to create her vessels, she works with porcelain clay and fires her pieces in an electric kiln to about 2300 degrees.

Lisa Fleming has an adventurous spirit and is constantly experimenting with innovative designs and techniques in the creation of ceramic art. She seems to have an endless stream of ideas that are then cultivated into works of art that everyone can admire and appreciate. 

A Dive Into Her Collection 

I am absolutely fascinated with the appearance of these decorative vessels she makes. They give off a classy, sophisticated aura that grabs your attention without being flashy at all. I am a total fan, these would look great pretty much anywhere in a home or work space.

All of the vessels and forms are made entirely by just Lisa, and she is also the photographer and marketer for her own business. If you would like to learn more, show support or get in contact with her you can visit her website at or follow her Instagram at @lfceramics. You can also find her on Minted. We do not own or sell any of her work on our website.


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