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Bay Area Artisans: Master Ceramic Artist Lynne Meade

Meet the Oakland, CA native that creates beautiful art and tells a compelling story just by using her hands and clay. 

Bringing Life and Beauty to Clay and Porcelain

I wanted to get a chance to write about one of the artisans here in the bay area of california that are really going above and beyond in their craft, and creating works of art that are not only beautiful, but that tells a story that really resonates from the form of the art itself. I had the pleasure to discover and connect with Lynne Meade, an incredibly talented artisan who creates fascinating ceramics using her creative mind, meticulous approach and masterful hands. 

Lynne Meade creates her work out of her studio in Oakland, California. Each piece that she creates features a stunning form, and holds a beauty that is subtle but is felt deeply. With her careful and considerate approach, she is able to create remarkable and completely original ceramics.

 "Blending Asian, art deco and art nouveau influences, my aim is for originality, master craftsmanship and sculptural quality. I aspire for my pieces to become classics like an Eames chair or Noguchi table." -Lynne M.

Lynne Meade places an emphasis on making sure each individual piece she creates holds their own characteristic charm. All of her pieces are wheel-thrown, and either hand-carved or hand-pierced. Everything is also "done by eye, without molds or templates, and she always uses a simple color palette to avoid toxic chemicals in some clay colorants.

She works with a variety of different designers and individual clients to create truly special art for both public and private spaces. Her work can even be found inside permanent collections at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California and at Benedict University in Chicago, Illinois. She has also taught classes at MIT, The New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, ASUC at UC Berkeley, and at various workshops around the country.

Due to her pioneering spirit and desire to push the boundaries between function and art, she has created multiple collections of fascinating sculptures and items. Her carved porcelain vessels collection is a fusion of ideas from Asian, Art Deco and Art Nouveau designs. Her mid-century modern ceramic art combines an original and contemporary style, and she even creates artisan-made tiles for baths, kitchens, spas and accent walls. 

A Dive Into Their Collection 

How cool! That was the first thing I said when I discovered the incredible designs that have been created by Lynne Meade. What really fascinates me is the fact that the entire form of each design and the intricate designs are all done by hand. They are beautiful creations that are pleasing to observe; they provoke an admiration for the the masterful hands that created it

"The symmetry and dynamic patterns of the master potter of Mata Ortiz, Juan Quezada, inspire me. The patterns in my ceramics tell stories that unfold as a viewer turns a piece. Carving or piercing a vessel over days creates a peaceful, meditative space that becomes embodied in the work." -Lynne Meade

If you would like to learn more about Lynne Meade and their products and services, you can visit their website at, or follow their Instagram at @lynne_meade. We do not own or sell any of their work on our website. All product lifestyle photos on this blog post are all courtesy of @lynne_meade.


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