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Bay Area Artisans Pizzichillo – Gordon Glass Art

Discover the works of Bruce Pizzichillo and Dari Gordon, a incredibly creative glass blowing team based in Oakland, CA.

Handcrafting Beauty with Glass

Interior décor makes the home look aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. Interior designs help to improve space and make it better suited for its purpose. You will likely feel relaxed and make sound decisions in a well-organized office with creative, appealing, and motivative interior décor.

Interior décor and creative arts are best friends; they love to be seen together. Arts improve the quality of life by adding warmth and texture to interior décor. Some people are gifted with the ability to represent the beauty of nature in a unique, simple, and appealing artistic form. Among these people are Bruce Pizzichillo and Dari Gordon. 

Pizzichillo – Gordon glass art studio was founded in 1980 by Bruce Pizzichillo and Dari Gordon in Oakland, California. This talented glass-blowing team specializes in making unique interior art, ranging from; mosaic wall art, glass wall frames, and flower vases to sculptural vessels, mosaic chandeliers, and sculptural table lamps. They also make small unique gift items such as earrings, soap dishes, cake plates, pedestal bowls, and large bowls.

Knowledge, Methods and Inspiration

Pizzichillo – Gordon draws inspiration from nature to create gorgeous art with varying designs, patterns, and shapes. They boldly use rich, romantic, and appealing colors in both transparent and opaque glasses to create sophisticated and outstanding artworks. The result is stylistic artworks that are sought after by galleries and collectors across the world.

They combine the traditional Venetian method of blowing glass with the modern method to create pieces with a classic artistic aura that can brighten the atmosphere of any room. Pizzichillo – Gordon uses many innovative designs, shapes, and patterns to create personalized, nature-centered artworks that have been featured in numerous publications.

Pizzichillo and Gordon are constantly experimenting and developing new glass-blowing techniques and methods to redefine contemporary glass-blowing methods. They use innovative designs, patterns, and shapes to create sophisticated, masterfully executed, and authentic artwork that can complement any setting.

A Dive Into Their Collection 

Artworks put smiles on interior décor and brighten the atmosphere while exuding motivative and creative aura. Pizzichillo and Gordon's artworks are treasury possessions. This is because they are masterfully crafted. Each piece is authentic with bright-colored, bold, and powerful artistic features. Celebrate and appreciate loving moments by gifting these treasury glass arts as thoughtful presents to your loved ones, or keep them for yourself in your home!

I would highly recommend visiting their website at to check out their whole collection! I spent a good hour just scrolling because of how interesting every single collection is. 

All of the pieces in this blog post can be found on their website. Some pieces may not still be available for purchase. All photography used in this blog post is courtesy of them.


Primary Author: Animashaun Latifat Arinola 

Small edits by Ethan Carel


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