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Discover the works of Vicki Gunter, a talented artist who communicates beautiful stories through her masterfully crafted ceramics. 

Thoughtfully Crafted Art

Ceramic artworks can be used to tell coded artistic stories, create awareness, and provide insightful solutions to human problems. Coded ceramic artwork involves high creativity, observation, and the ability to communicate in thoughtful yet understandable forms.

Vicki Gunter is an expert clay ceramic artist. Her artworks are either telling a story, creating awareness, or exploring the beauty of nature. One fascinating thing about her sculptural artwork is – she leaves space for personification. Anybody in possession of her artwork can add a personal story to it.

Vicki Gunter is a clay artist, dancer, choreographer, and massage therapist. She is a native of California, born in Oakland and raised in Pleasant Hill. Since 1970, Her studio and home has been in East Oakland. She has made many nature-based, solution-oriented, and awareness-driven art pieces. Vicki gets her inspiration from the challenges facing the world, nature, animals, humans, and her environment. Most of her artworks are always in series. 

“Many of my sculptures find their way into my hands from story to form. For me, the story behind an artist's work makes it genuine and gives it heart, whether it's abstract, realistic, conceptual, or performance. Of course, the viewer has their own stories and experiences, this brings them to witness a work of art. I am honored to have others mix their stories with mine and create new stories. It's called sharing. Hopefully, we are moved to embrace a larger view of our world and our small but critically interconnected place”. Vicki G.

She creates ceramic art intended to stir the visceral will of people to be aware and face the many challenges of the world with joy and hope. She makes use of recycled clay, paper clay, glaze, stains, underglaze, glasses, and beeswax in most of her artworks. All her artworks are thoughtful, unique, one-of-a-kind, and visually appealing.

Vicki has a background in Art and Biology from San Francisco State University from 1968-1970. Vicki worked for 40 years as a certified dancer/choreographer/motion therapist, massage & acupressure therapist. Today her focus is her Ceramic Art. Vicki’s earliest clay influence (1968) was studying with clay funk artist Clayton Bailey. She also studied with Michelle Gregor. And at Laney College with Alan Meisel, Larry Henderson, Sherry Karver, Susannah Israel and Anna Vaughan.

She is concerned about the many ecological and environmental challenges in the world. She is research-oriented and loves providing solutions to problems. She researches and observes nature by gardening, hiking, and sketching. Due to her adventurous nature, she seems to have endless ways of communicating through clays in simple and understandable forms

Vicki Gunter has participated in many solo and group shows, some of which can be found on her website. She has received many awards, such as the People`s Choice Award – in 2020, Juror Award – in 2016, and the Alpha award – in 2014. Her work is in many private art collections that can be found in many places across California. Her series "Plate tectonics" can be found in Richmond, "Frog Lantern" can be found in El Cerrito, and “It’s Not One Thing… It’s Everything” can be found in Santa Barbara.

Vicki Gunter is a member of the Association of Clay and Glass Artists. She is also a member of the Northern California Woman`s Caucus for art, among other professional affiliates.

Dari Gordon received her B.F.A at the Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. Bruce Plzzichillo also received his B.F.A at the California College of Arts and Crafts. With the acquired knowledge and skills, they work together as a team to redefine the look of contemporary blown glass in their studio in Oakland.

A Dive Into Vicki's Collection 

Vicki's artworks are an embodiment of creativity, uniqueness, and beauty. Each piece of her artwork has a background story that can easily be personalized. She has made 7 series sculptural artworks that focus on human challenges and social justice issues. Each of her artworks is a treasury possession with encrypted memories.

Another composition I like is "Glacier". Borrowing directly from Mark Taylor's description on his website, each part of the collection is "a meditation upon the physical properties of geomorphic processes, is meticulously drawn with a glaze pencil, then coated with a layer of matte glaze, and fired to maturity". Natural phenomena like "the erosive forces of rain and wind upon sediment" are what inspired the creation of this artwork.

I would highly recommend visiting her website at to check out her whole collection! I spent a good hour just scrolling because of how interesting every single collection is. 

All of the pieces in this blog post can be found on her website. Some pieces may not still be available for purchase. All photography used in this blog post is courtesy of Vicki.


Primary Author: Animashaun Latifat Arinola 

Small edits by Ethan Carel


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