Ethan Carel - September 8, 2022

 Vintage Addiction: One-Of-A-Kind Throw Pillows and Vintage Fashion

Vintage Addiction is an Ontario, California-based small businesses that designs vintage-inspired jewelry, handbags & one-of-a-kind furniture creations. Today we will explore their absolutely stunning catalog of unique items, while also learning more about their story and what inspired them to create their brand.

Their Catalog: From Vintage Decorative Pillows, Recycled Fabric Rugs, and Authentic Kantha Blankets, and More.

A diverse catalog: They offer a wide variety of vintage inspired designs, while some of their offerings even include vintage components. They sell a variety of different cushion covers, some of them even being one-of-a-kind! They also have a broad selection of unique kantha blankets, which are hand-stitched by Bengali women following the tradition of producing stunningly unique quilted blankets made out of discarded Sari's and remnant fabrics. 

Who They Are and Their Brand Mission

A small, family owned business based in Southern California: According to the CEO. he used to work in Virginia to support the education of his two daughters and his wife. He founded Vintage Addiction to "bring together his family".

 "We wanted to create something and give it life but along the way grow a company with a conscience. Our plans eventually evolved into the creation of the Vintage Addiction brand of high-quality costume jewelry, ladies’ handbags, furniture, and home accessories. Our designs include vintage- inspired creations; some use vintage components; many are repurposed designs with architectural salvage" - Founder

4' by 6' Maroon Recycled Rug

An emphasis on being eco-friendly: Vintage faction "strives to be environmentally sensitive by creatively repurposing and also to be a corporate citizen who gives back." They carefully handpick each individual component in every item they create and sell, "even if our suppliers dont like it". 

Left: Lambskin Leather Crossbody. Right: Pearl Necklace with Pink and Yellow Floral Spray

What I like Most About Them

Unique, One-Of-A-Kind Selection. Most of their catalog consists of handmade products, which means that each and every item will be unique and will have its own character. Underneath some of their categories they have a special "One-Of-A-Kind" section that only shows these hidden treasures.

Wide Variety of Vintage Apperal, Jewelry, and Furniture: They have it all! You can find classic leather shoulder bags, old-school mustard colored cabinets, and beautiful genuine jewelry all within their store.

Their store is definitely worth a visit: You can check out their diverse catalog by visiting their online store at Be sure to check out their "Show/Events Date" section to see when they will be selling in-person in a town near you as well.

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