Ethan Carel - October 1, 2022

It's Autumn: Here's Some Seasonal Decor Ideas!

Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh

Autumn is here, so you know what means: warm coffee on those nicely overcast days, wearing those extra comfy jackets and sweaters, and binge-watching Gilmore Girls. Let's embrace this season and dress up your home for the wonderful month of October! Below are some inspiring ways you can decorate different parts of your home this season. 

1. Play with tones of orange, brown and red.

This is easily one of my favorite rooms I came across this week! I like this design so much because the room's furniture, lighting, and layout all compliment each other very nicely. What makes it feel like autumn is the color pallete of the room: the warm lights, the earthy and beautiful rug, and the throw blankets and pillows all work together to create that cozy atmosphere so characteristic of autumn. The cute pumpkin definitely helps too! Photo by Matt

2. Decorate that door

If you happen to have a doorway with even just a little space, you have an opportunity to decorate the outside of your home too. They are the perfect places for pumpkins, lanterns, doormats, wreaths, you name it. Photo by Bibi K.

3. How about those windows?

Pumpkins and butternut squash make a great fall-exclusive alternative to plants you would normally have next to your windows. They look fantastic, and come in many different shapes in sizes you can get creative with. Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev.

4. Product Showcase: Knitted Pumpkins

Speaking of pumpkins, these knitted pumpkins are super cute and would make an excellent addition to any fall-themed room design. They come in different colors and sizes you can mix and match to create your own unique arrangement. These ones are sold by Loom and Thread Studio.

5. Logs

Bringing nature into your home is a great way to bring some of that fall magic into your living space. If you happen to have stumps or logs, you might possibly already have your favorite piece of fall furniture! Photo by Charlotte May.

6. Flowers

On the topic of nature, flowers and branches can be utilized to create an Autumn aesthetic. Pair them with a nice vase, and you could have an incredibly classy and simple way to elevate your home. Photo above by Cottonbro on Pexels.

Photo above by Karolina Grabowska

7. Wreaths

I love love love wreaths. To me, they are an excellent item to have as part of your more festive home decorations. They come in all sorts of styles and designs as well. For Fall, look for a brown/red/orange/color scheme. Pinterest is an excellent place to begin looking for ideas for wreaths in particular, I have found all sorts there. Photo by Randi Wilson on Unsplash.

8. String Lights

I feel like a moth to a flame whenever I see beautifully strung up string lights. They look almost too good, and they make it seriously hard to leave the room they are hung up in because of their cozy and relaxing effect on you, so use with caution! Photo by Yuroslav Shuraev. 

9. Get Crafty!

Some of the best things you decorate your home with are the items you make yourself! I absolutely love this cute arrangement, and I encourage you to make something special for your home too. Photo by Yulia Teplyh, Hedgehog Dolls. 

10. More Pumpkins

We have seen multiple pumpkins in previous examples, but I really wanted to drive the idea home: get some pumpkins! Now is the perfect time to go and visit a local pumpkin patch, which is a fun and festive adventure by itself. Photo by Erica Marsland Huynh

11. Candles

Candles look great in any arrangement, but they begin to look better and better as the holiday seasons come around. Consider lighting decorative wax candles, and grabbing some scented candles as well! Personally I adore the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg in the autumn months. Photo by Libby Penner

12. Decorate that yard

Earlier I mentioned adding some ornaments to your front door, but dont forget about your yard space as well! This setup combines lighting strips, flowers, pumpkins and candles all together to create a beautiful fall space. Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev 

13. LED Lamps

LED lightstrips and lamps are a trendy and very nice looking addition to your autumn decor. This room is actually the first time I have seen someone incorporate both in a very charming and autumn-themed way. Photo Courtesy of Jennabryan via Reddit.

14. Autumn leaves

Fall themed leaves look phenomenal when used tastefully like in this room. Hang them next to doorways, on shelves, or anywhere else you can make them fit. 

15. Go spooky!

Fall also means my favorite holiday, Halloween! There are tons of different ideas for halloween-themed decor which deserves its own blog post. However, you can usually find everything you need after a couple trips to your local thrift stores. You'll likely find something fun to decorate your home with, and for an amazing price. Photo by Sydney Upah.

Photo Courtesy of Nathan from Indiana

And with that, those are some ideas to get you started for Fall! I really do wish Fall could last forever, it's by far my favorite season. If you'd like to do some shopping for fall accessories, search up "Fall Decor" on Pinterst, you'll get tons of ideas. You can also find a variety of different pillows and pillow covers on our website that you may like, feel free to check out our catalog!

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