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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 004

Welcome back to one of my largest decor spotlights to date! In this week's post, I wanted to share a wide variety of beautiful spaces submitted by a very generous and creative group of every-day people I got to connect with online. 

Below you will find a comprehensive article featuring a variety of different collections. I have also managed to find identical or similar looking products that are seen in some of the rooms I have presented below. I will include links to some product pages. 

We do not own any of the photos presented in this article, and we don't sell any of the products on this website. With that out of the way, let's explore some decor!


Checkout this stunning AirBnB! Wow, I would not mind going on a little get-away trip for a while if I knew this is where I would get to stay. I love the wooden furniture and complementary golden-brown hues from the sofa, chairs, and carpet. If you're interested in checking out more of this room, here is a link to their page!


This photo makes me want to impulse buy an executive chair. Seriously, the entire setup of this room is so cozy and stylish. I'm kissing my savings goodbye as I speak.

Stunning Views

This spacious and airy atmosphere of this room is further enhanced with a beautiful view of natural green flora. Holy smokes, If I had the opportunity to sit in that chair fit for a king, I am not sure if I would ever leave! 

This view is already stunning, now imagine what it would look like on the 4th of July or on New Years. I This is probably one of the best views in the area. Photo credits to u/Y27va on Reddit.

This is perhaps the coziest looking restaurant I have seen in a very long time. Forget the food, I would pay just to hang out here and enjoy an immaculate atmosphere with friends.


Look. At. This. Porch. Whoever put this beautiful porch together won the whole month of October. The vibrant and fresh flowers surrounding the place are the cherry on top! Photos courtesy of Erica Gomez. 

Best Bathrooms

A crisp, clean bathroom is the best bathroom is there is. I love the open walk-in shower and whole ambience of the room. Photo courtesy of Bob W.

Could you imagine having your own built-in spa in your bathroom? Yeah, I would definitely spend a decent portion of my day everyday in a spa. 


I cannot get enough of indoor gardens. Seriously, I think every home should have a space that looks just like this. They look like such inviting and fun places to hang out. 

Beauty In Simplicity

A more minimalist design can look just as good if not better than a room full of furniture. Tasteful useful of quality furniture and art can create a splendid atmosphere with a full character. Photo courtesy of Christian.

If you design your room keeping in mind the various different types of light available, you can create a space with a natural beauty and ambiance. Photo courtesy of "Senior Moment".

If you have a space in your home that has only a few pieces of furniture in it, you can always try adorning the room with smaller items like throw pillows or stuffed animals for great effect!


Cabins are superior. I saw this literally all the time and I'll say it again, wood is my favorite material for anything in the home. Hardwood floors, wooden furniture, wooden walls and logs, everything wooden just looks great. Photo courtesy of Chris Daniele at


I love a variety of different kitchens, but some of my favorite kitchens feature white countertops and light-colored cabinets to match.

You already know some of the best food in the local area is made in the kitchen above. If my kitchen had as many tools and functionality as this one, I would actually cook instead of getting take out. Photo courtesy of Yoel Ybarra.


The coolest office space. I am totally digging the bright red carpet alongside the use of the nice and charming light sources. Man, If only I could be working here while I am writing this blog, I would probably get 1-2 blog posts done in no time, and in style too!

Cozy Spaces

If you have the space and want a super comfy room, get a Papasan! Every Papasan chair I have ever seen in-person has always looked good. All you need is 1 somewhere in your home, but it adds a significant amount of class and tastefulness. Photo courtesy of Dominique.

Sometimes it's a combination of many small items rather than a few large pieces of furniture that make all the difference. Some nice lights, a couple throw blankets and pillows, and a clean space goes a very long way in making a room look great. 

Fun and interesting throw blankets and pillows are my absolute favorite. You can create some very nice little parts of your home if you can creatively use even just a couple pieces of decor. You can actually purchase the cute blanket in this photo at this link. Photo courtesy of Jack Bloom. 


This room is so vibrant and groovy, I dig it. I'm fascinated by the tasteful use of bold colors and interesting furniture throughout this room. And if that wasn't cool enough, somehow an entire DJ mixing station has incorporated this room in a way that fits incredibly well. The person who put this room together totally throws some great parties. Photo courtesy of Paolo Emano.

Living Rooms

Spookie movie night anyone? Oh man, honestly I would probably be too comfortable hanging out on that couch to get scared. Goosebumps still gives me the chills though! Photo courtesy of KB.

Bookshelves are a great touch to any space. Personally I don't have one, but that's also why this space is 10x cooler than my own!

Speaking of books, they can be a nice touch as a decoration in a variety of places. I like the books sitting nicely on the table in this room!

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