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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 005

Hello there, hope you're doing well, welcome back to another decor spotlight! This week we will be diving in and exploring a variety of different spectacularly-adorned rooms and living spaces. Some are cozy, some are fresh, and some are super festive. Let's check it out! We do not own any of the photos presented in this article, and we don't sell any of the products linked below on this website. With that out of the way, let's explore some decor!

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This elegant room is filled with furniture I like! Even though the entire room itself looks great, but what really draws my eye are the transparent-looking chairs. They look so perfect here and are a very nice touch to the overall vibe of the room. Photo source here.


If I had a kitchen that looked this good, I would stop buying takeout and actually cook at home. Seriously, I would feel so cool just heating some ramen or scrambling some eggs here. It's such a clean, convenient and charming space. Well done! Photo credits to @decorpleasures on Instagram.

Cozy Spaces

Warm, cozy spaces become even more nice to be in as we approach the colder winter months. I absolutely love the warm and plush chairs and relaxing atmosphere in this room, I wouldn't mind chilling here over the winter!

I love love love fall decor. Pumpkins, candles, beautiful shades of orange and brown everywhere, I am all for it. This, a nice movie and some hot chocolate please.

If It were up to me, I would definitely take that seat by the beautiful fireplace with a nice book in my hand to get lost in. What a lovely room. I love the fall accents and warm tones.


The holidays are here! As soon as november begins, it's christmas time in my book. This is such a warm, cozy and inviting room with a magnificent Christmas tree. The fireplace is a nice touch too! Photo credits to Ricky Serrao (IG: @ricky.serrao)

The Bedrooms

There are so many reasons I like this room. The delightful green bed sheet, the use of some charming lamps, the art on the wall, it all comes together tastefully here. Photo credits to r/-Kruemel-

This is the perfect place to wind down and take a truly magnificent nap. The room gives off a very elegant and relaxing energy. This is truly a master bedroom. Photo credits to Walter C.


A few well placed items can transform a whole space. Less CAN be more when done right, and this is a great example. Functional pieces of furniture arranged by creative hands results in some very charming living spaces. I would highly recommend getting a nice throw blanket or pillow, and some nice succulents like the ones found in this room. They work wonders! Photo credits to r/IgelEi3 on Reddit.

Gathering Spaces

Wow!! This room is composed so well I wouldn't remodel or change anything about it. I'm a big fan of that nice round coffee table right in the middle, and the neat lights with the bats in the back. Photo credits to @decorpleasures on Instagram.

Open space looks and feels great to have in your room. The room is adorned well, is filled with ample natural sunlight, and has plenty of room for all kinds of fun activities. Photo credits to Isaura Scarlet (@isaurascarlet on Instagram).

I can't get enough of wall art, it looks so good that I feel like it's a must have in any living room. The two paintings look phenomenal here and compliment the entire room nicely. Also, what a lovely rug! Photo credits to MST.


Colored Sofas are my favorite.  The blue couch here adds so much color and character to this one room, and It is complimented so nicely by the red rug and golden brown TV-Station. There's a harmony between everything in this room that is so charming. Photo credits to Miri and Aaron.

Work Stations

I wish my little work-station looked just like this! The nice lights, the cool desk and fresh appearance, I'd feel about 3x more productive. I could write an extra blog or two per week working from here. Photo credits to Michael Kaul.

I absolutely love this work-station, but it looks almost too good. What I mean is, I would get so distracted by the space itself and the gorgeous view outside that I would not be able to get much done. I love the clean appearance, and the very comfy looking chair. Photo credits to Julien


Imagine having a little jam-sesh here with friends and family. I am a huge fan of this spacious and well decorated room, the room owner definitely took advantage of all the free space and used it so well. The acoustics of the space seem like they sound pretty nice here, I'd practice all my music right in here as well!

Plant Heavan

This is a truly stunning room, the room owner took every opportunity they could to adorn this room in such a comfortable and inviting way. This is definitely one of the best uses I have seen in a while! Photo credits to Sammy Sokolow

Free space that is not taken up is filled up very nicely by the beautiful greenery in this room. It adds a lot of freshness and liveliness to this space.

Even just one or two well-placed plants can really upgrade the look to your room! Consider putting a small hanging plant on a coffee table, in corners, or anywhere else there is room! 


We love nicely decorated shelves. You can put almost anything up there and it will look great. I love how they decorated the top of the fireplace in this room, and the neat decor they added to the sides.

Dining Areas

Look at this cool arrangement! I haven't seen a dining area like this one before, and now I am a fan! I think this is a very nice use of space, it makes the most of those corners!

Simple, elegant, and welcoming, that's how I would describe this room. Definitely one of my favorite dining rooms I came across this week. I have been looking everywhere online for that amazing light fixture above the table!

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