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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 006

Photo above provided by Chris Daniel. (

Hey hello and welcome back to another blog decor spotlight! I wanted to focus on highlighting the homes and living spaces of people I happened to meet and get in contact with over the past month, so expect quite a wide variety of photos over the next few blog posts. Alrighty lets dive in!


Ok, can I have the chance to hangout here, just for a bit? What I like in particular is the contrast between the cool, moody weather and the warm and inviting interior lighting. That coupled with the fantastic layout of the furniture makes this 10/10 room in my book. Photography courtesy of Shawna.


There are a lot of pieces of furniture I like in this room. I love how the rug looks alongside the tasteful couches and the interesting wooden chest in the middle of this room. I also like the green paint on the fireplace juxtaposed with the simple white walls. I am a fan!

Plenty of Sun

What a nice living room! I really like the use of the plants, they accent the free spaces and add a fresh touch to this room. Love the couch and rug as well. Photo by @hihelloimtessa on Instagram.

This spacious room is one of my favorites I came across this week. What I really like about this room in particular is how the rug fills the space in the middle of the room while looking great. The couch and surrounding furniture compliment the color scheme of the room so nicely!

A great room, with a great view? What a combo! I know I mentioned the exact same things in the last two things I wrote, but I really do like how they used the rug in this room as well! Let this be a mini lesson: Rugs work wonders.


Brb, I'm ordering that same exact chair. Can you imagine lounging around here reading your favorite book, watching a nice movie, or enjoying a morning cup of coffee? Yeah I didn't realize how much I was missing either. Definitely one of my favorite rooms this week.


Man, I wish I was that dog. Except I would definitely be taking advantage of that comfy looking sofa! I love how the room owner incorporated the hammock inside. 

Amply Adorned

I like a room with stuff in it. Simple as that. Little ornaments, decorations, artifacts, souvenirs, I love it all. The room owner put all their stuff together in a way I admire here. 

Now that is some good stuff. What I like in particular in this room is the clever and organized use of space! The room is put-together and looks great. Photo by Julia Ethier.


Is this cool or what!? This room is simply magical. The cozy tents, the warm string lights, the little campfire, the projector, it all comes together incredibly well here. Oh man, so much nostalgia too. Take me back! Photo by r/Purplecookie1220 on Reddit. 


I love the unique design of this room. It's woody, fresh, contemporary and just simply gorgeous. I particularly love the amazing view you have from inside this room. Also I have said this many times before, but I love those wooden floors!! I would have wooden floors everywhere if I could. You can find these photos on the original reddit post here.

Room of the Week

I came across this room earlier this week and I was simply blown away by the details. The color, the decorations, the space as a whole, I knew I had to write about it.

The space looks so creative, colorful, vibrant, fresh, and all around-comfortable. I like how the room owner utilized all the free space to display something beautiful.

What really grabs my eyes are the colors! I love the blue and green theme and flags spread out across the room. This is definitely one of my top 5 rooms this week!


Another great bedroom. I have never seen lamps like the ones in here before! They add such an interesting touch to the overall look of this fantastic bedroom. I am a fan for sure. 


What an elegant space! I appreciate how the room owner utilizes space and organizes everything in a clean and visually charming way. I am a big fan of the simple furniture pieces complimented by an interesting wall and light fixture. Photo credits to r/Fern_Flabebe on Reddit.

A Bathroom I Love

I had the opportunity to come across this beautiful bathroom when I was looking for inspiration for my own bathroom online. I came across this one and had to highlight it here!

I am a big fan of the circular mirror, the colors of the room, the elegant sink, and the checkered floors. I am definitely going to be looking online for a mirror like the one in this room for my own home. Love this!! Photos by @Gab.Bowen on Instagram.


A grand lofty room. This space feels so warm, inviting and relaxing! It's the lights, plants and comfy furniture up the stairs that really drive this feeling home. I really need to get string lights, they seem to be in every room I love. Photo by Karis Rose. 


I love this traditional, bohemian-inspired room. This room feels natural and very pleasant to be in. I love the fresh plants by the window, and the ample natural light that floods into this welcoming space. Photo by Kenny Zhao.

Cozy Colors

I love a colorful bed, and this is one of my favorites. The blanket, the pillows, and even the headboard are all colorful and tasteful. The vibrant painting and pink lamp are also a nice touch. 

The warmer and cooler tones in this room harmonize so well, all the furniture was picked tastefully. Photo by Julia Ethier.


My favorite living room, easily this week. I honestly have no idea what you call the tall wooden piece of furniture right next to the door, but I want one now. The throw blankets, pillows and paintings are a very nice touch here. 

Dining Areas

Look at this cool arrangement! I haven't seen a dining area like this one before, and now I am a fan! I think this is a very nice use of space, it makes the most of those corners!

Simple, elegant, and welcoming, that's how I would describe this room. Definitely one of my favorite dining rooms I came across this week. I have been looking everywhere online for that amazing light fixture above the table!

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