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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 007

Hey hey, here is another decor spotlight of rooms and living spaces from people I met online over the past month. I have gotten so many submissions and I am really excited to share them all with you. This particular post is going to be quite a bit bigger than my typical spotlights, I have a lot to share and write about. Let's jump in!

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Wow!! Where do I start? I am in love with this room. Apparently this room was a work in progress for a long time, but holy smokes it turned out so well. All the furniture is thoughtfully placed, and the room owner definitely knows how to put a whole home together. 10/10 room, easily one of my favorites in this post!


Here's another stunning room. I say this a lot in my other posts, but I really am a sucker for colorful couches complimented by vibrant rugs. They really do transform a whole room and make it such a pleasant space to be in.


Look at those chairs! I love the look of this whole area, but I love how these chairs look alongside this beautiful part of the property. Photo by David Mustard.

Some plants, lights, and a good outdoor furniture set is really all you need to turn your backyard into a charming and comfortable gathering place.


This bright, fresh and warm room is one of my top 5. I really like the use of the wooden palletes as a coffee tables in this room. I have never seen something like that before, but that looks so good! Photo by Rayesben.


This incredibly vibrant room is simply electric. This is easily one of the coolest rooms I came across this week as I was looking for inspiration online. There is so much character in this room, absolutely part of my top 5 this week. Incredible! Photo by @saint.lapin on Instagram.

Special Spaces

Little compositions within a larger room can look really good. I like this collection of lovely plants put together using some tasteful furniture. Photo credits to Chloe.

The grand collection of art on this wall looks so good here. I think every home should have something like this somewhere, compositions like these add so much character and life to a room.


We love a nice kitchen. This kitchen features a nice bar with some splendid white cabinets that provide ample space and look great in this whole room. I really like the contrast between the bright cabinets and the dark floor, I'd love to have a kitchen like this. Credits to r/SavageBonez on Reddit. 


I wish my living room looked this good, it's not fair! Jokes aside, I seriously do like how this room is put together. This looks like such a comfortable space to just sit back and hangout in. Well done! You can find this photo on the original reddit post here.

Room of the Week

Where do I start? This is such a magnificent bedroom. I love the lush bedding complimented by luxurious curtains and beautiful decorations

I am very impressed by the level of detail put into turning this room into a magnificent place to either be productive or rest. It's not common for bedrooms to give off this vibe, but this is one of those "needles in the haystack".

I love the art and the use of decorative shelves to compliment the photos and walls. I want to hang up some photos in my own room now. What a nice room. Photos by @Caffeinatediaries on Instagram.


I need a little nook like this. This feels like one of those tucked-away places in a home that is your little cozy retreat. Like your little comfy lair that is entirely yours. I have a place similar to my own home, I love rooms with these kinds of vibes. Photo by Catherine Paulson.


I could go for some Hot-Coco by the fireplace. This splendid room is arranged in a way that gives off a very comfy, warm vibe. A place like this is absolutely perfect for the colder months of the year. This room, some fuzzy socks and slippers, a book and some coco please.

Holiday Spirit

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year because we all get an excuse to start decorating our home just like this one. This is simply stunning, I am a fan. Photo by Prabhani Frint

When Christmas looks this good, it is never too early to start decorating for this holiday.

I am personally a huge fan of a tall, vibrantly colored tree. All the little ornaments, lights, ribbons, everything goes. Photo credits to r/Knillish on Reddit


This room has as much personality, and I love it. My favorite rooms are always decorated with things that really describe the people that live in them, and this living space has no shortage of items like that. There is an entire motorcycle in the room, it really doesn't get much cooler than that!


Now this is my kind of room. The layout of the room is very appealing, and I really like the tasteful selection of furniture that compliments the floor and walls perfectly. And if you thought it could not get any better, they turn the free space on the wall into an awesome projector screen. Well done! Photo credits to Molly A. (@mollypaget on Instagram).


Imagine waking up to a beautiful fall sunday in a room like this. I love love love that blanket and the bookshelf, they are so colorful and vibrant and look great. Photo by Olivier Laliberté

Now this is a place to get nice and cozy in. This, and my netflix show please. Also some snacks! 

This room feels so snug and calming. I love the use of the plants and little ornaments on the shelf, and the cute pillows on the bed! Photo by Anna Rose

A grand, cozy bed is all you need to have a bedroom that stands out and looks great. I wish my bed looked this comfortable. (And was as big!)


Now this is an impressive room. The room owner managed to tastefully furnish this entire space in a way that gives this whole space some depth, character and charm. I love the little tv setup! Photos by Chloe. 


I love the dreamy vibes in this space. The combination of ample sunlight, vibrant colors, and playful ornaments give this room a very cheerful and uplifting feel. I feel refreshed and at ease just by looking at the photos! Photo by @Ritual_Cure on Instagram.

Dining Areas

Look at this cool arrangement! I haven't seen a dining area like this one before, and now I am a fan! I think this is a very nice use of space, it makes the most of those corners!

Simple, elegant, and welcoming, that's how I would describe this room. Definitely one of my favorite dining rooms I came across this week. I have been looking everywhere online for that amazing light fixture above the table!

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