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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 008

Christmas is right around the corner, which might mean you'll be having lots of family and friends over at your place this year. It's never too late to start decorating and putting your home together in an organized, charming and festive way. In this spotlight, I'll be showcasing a wide variety of different homes with gorgeous and creative interiors so you can check out some nice ways to adorn your own place. Let's get to it!

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Wow!!. There are so many elements in this room that I absolutely love. In general, I love the sort of bohemian and warm-contemporary design of this whole space. The fresh plants, the ample natural sunlight, the clean and elegant pieces of furniture, the rich hardwood floor, I can go on and on. Well done! Photo credits to Diya. 


I love the cozy vibe here. This transitional living room has such a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is the absolute perfect place to have a little movie-night. I admire the tasteful use of wall-paintings, they add character without taking away from the beauty of the space. 

Christmas Trees!

This is going to be my little christmas tree appreciation post. Here are a variety of different Christmas trees that have been decorated so nicely! 

And what is a nice Christmas setup without some stockings? I love how they match the color palette of this whole room.

The Christmas tree itself, but what is underneath it matters to! I love how the room owner incorporates a beautiful base for the tree to sit on in this room.

it appears this room has not just one, but two christmas trees! Now they almost have a small christmas forest going on, I'm a fan! Photo by Jessica.

Ornaments, lights, bells, stars, ribbons, anything goes when decorating your tree. And the more the merrier for sure! Photo by Alexis Loy.


That is a mighty bookshelf, I love it. I like how it fills in the empty space on the wall in such a classy way that looks great. This room reminds me of how much reading I haven't done, haha! Photo by Kenan Orhan.


Light is king! The room owner uses some very interesting light sources that give this room a very pleasant atmosphere, while also being unique. I get a traditional-but-one-of-a-kind vibe here, and I am here for it! Photo by Andi. 

Living Spaces

Here are a variety of some of my favorite living spaces I came across. Each one has a unique charm to it that I thoroughly appreciate. Photo above by Otis Chantharan. (@otisch)

I have a rack very similar to this in my own living room, except I like the one in this photo better haha! They are functional, look great, and are a good additional to many other places in your home. Photo by Nathan Wilson.

I love this more eclectic room. Incorporating vibrant colors and patterns into your home is an art, but when it's done right it looks phenomenal. Photo by Fang Cheuk.

I fancy this whole area! I have always been a fan of wooden furniture paired with wall art, and this is one of my favorite examples! Photo is by Travis from Hoboken

I cannot get enough of wall art. I like how the room owner created two distinct compositions on the wall that look great. I am also a fan of Pink Floyd!!! 

I love the simple and traditional layout of this cozy pastel-colored living room. All you really need are some throws, a nice rug, some art and some smart arranging to put together a pleasant living room.


Everybody stop, look at this bedroom. This is one of my favorite Bohemian-style bedrooms I have seen in a awhile. I love the loose, colorful and fresh vibe created by the room owner. Photo credits to Reddit user r/amberingo


Cabins are king. I appreciate a nice woody cabin feel in a living room. It looks so comfortable now, I imagine how bright and colorful this room is during the daytime. 

Room of the Week

I applaud the person who put this room together. It is dynamic, vibrant and electric, and is tied together nicely by neutral colors and a few simple arrangements.

I love the use of colors and patterns here. The orange mirror and couch, the black and white rug, and the brown furniture all draw my eye.

When I saw this room I immediately knew it was going to be one of my favorites this week. Well done! Photos by Chelsea.


This contemporary living space is fabulous. I love how spacious it looks, I think that's thanks to the unique design of the skylight. Some of the space is tastefully filled with some very clean and charming furniture. I love that rug too! 


A clean, minimalist design I appreciate. Sometimes it can make more sense to strip away everything but the essentials in a space to really make it stand out. Something about this space is relaxing, I like it! Photo by Sthefany L.


Ok where do I start? I am a big fan of the floor tiles, the golden-green cabinets and sink, the mirror, and the nicely decorated shelves! A tasteful eye put this bathroom together for sure. 

What I love about this bathroom is the unique design of the room itself. It features a clean minimalistic layout, but what draws my eye is the fascinating wall and windows. I have never seen anything like it, and I love it. Photo by Reddit user r/tgag10

Another bathroom I admire, I like the practical approach to utilizing this space . There are plenty of areas that neatly organize your things while keeping the space looking clean and welcoming. 


How cozy!! If my own bedroom was this comfortable I would have a much harder time getting up to write blog posts! I love the creative use of the vines to decorate the window, and the artful photos surrounding the window. There is something so original about this room, I love it!


Stop. This room is cool! The room owner has a creative, bold and artistic spirit. I admire how they incorporate some very interesting pieces of furniture to such a great effect here. It is dynamic, colorful, and done right! 

My Favorite Bedroom

I know I already featured an entire room earlier, but this one was too cool not to mention. I absolutely love love love the setup, it is so colorful!

The room owner really knows how to make sure of space in a way that is practical while also keeping the appearance in mind. The result is a room that is filled with personality and color.

Even the bed looks cool and cozy, there were no stones left unturned here. I'm applauding right now!


I would love a fireplace just like this. I am supremely jealous of whoever gets to live here, I would spend the vast majority of my day getting cozy by the fire while I type away blogs on my laptop. I love the comfy, boho vibes in here. 


Let's talk about why I love this room. The carpet is absolutely beautfiul, it helps tie together all the other charming pieces of furniture in this room. The chairs, the plants, the classy bookshelf, the gorgeous fireplace, I can't get enough. Nice job! Photo by Reddit user r/HinsdaleCounty

Dining Areas

Look at this cool arrangement! I haven't seen a dining area like this one before, and now I am a fan! I think this is a very nice use of space, it makes the most of those corners!

Simple, elegant, and welcoming, that's how I would describe this room. Definitely one of my favorite dining rooms I came across this week. I have been looking everywhere online for that amazing light fixture above the table!

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