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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 009

Hey there! I am very excited to showcase a collection of stunning rooms I have had the pleasure to come across over the course of this week. Expect to find lots of different ideas you can steal for your own living space! Alright, let's get right to it.


A charming kitchen: This entire home deserves a showcase, but I wanted to first highlight this beautiful kitchen. I love how everything is put together. The room's furniture and layout feels carefully curated in a tasteful way.


Cozy is king. Warm and inviting rooms are essential in the colder months. Some of them look so good that you'll want to stay inside even when the weather  outdoors is nice. This is one of those rooms. I Love the elegant and plush furniture complimented by beautiful decor.

Work Stations

If my at-home work station looked this good, I would just work remotely forever! Photo credits to @Simonwolfson_ on Instagram.

I love how well put together this whole area is. I am a big fan of the art and decor on the shelf.


If only my living room was this cool... I am seriously jealous. I love how this room owner managed to create an area that feels open and spacious despite using pretty large pieces of furniture. I absolutely love that coffee table and couch, they look perfect here. 


Love at first glance. I have always admired plants and I will say it again and again, bring them into your home. If you're wondering why, this is why. They look great!


Did you really think I could write a decor blog in December and NOT feature Christmas decorations? Especially when they look THIS good? If you have been following the recent blog posts, you should know me by now. Well done on this room!

Lately I have been going online giving people some advice on how to decorate their homes for Christmas, and this look does it perfectly. Mini-christmas trees, bells and ribbons, and warm lights. Look what it can do to your living space!

If your fortunate enough to have the space for a full-blown Christmas tree, it is ALWAYS worth the investment to get one. Each tree is like a magical canvas you can use to help create that inviting Christmas vibe for your home. Photo credits to Brea.

One nice way you can compliment your Christmas living space is by bringing in some nice candles and other sources of light. And of course, lots of lights on the Christmas tree! Credits to Sandra.

Speaking of lights, I love vibrantly colored lights on Christmas trees. This is one of the ones I like and prefer. but white lights also look great! Credits to Okineka Baronek.

If you have a fireplace, take full advantage by adorning the area around it with your Christmas Tree and decorations. It looks great! 


This pad is spectacular. I love the spacious and contemporary design of this living room. It's so open, inviting and generally cool. I love those light fixtures as well! Credits to Matt.


Texture is tasteful. It can be difficult to incorporate different textures into your living space in a harmonious and complementary way, but this room owner did it perfectly. The brick wall juxtaposed with the smooth hardwood floor and soft textile of the linen and furniture looks so good here.

Cozy Nooks

It's essential to have a space in your home that is quiet, comfortable and cozy. It doesn't take much to put together a nice space, but they work wonders in your home. 

Where do I start here! I love this warm, bohemian-inspired living space. I am now looking everywhere for a lamp that looks as cool as the one in this room. Well done! 

I adore the colorful, artistic look of this little space. I am jealous of the cat, they have the best seat in the whole house.

What's better than a clean, organized and comfortable space? One with all of that AND a nice view! Love how this room looks. Credits to Asya Semenovich.

This living room is so cozy I believed it deserved a spot here. I love the art complimented by the plush furniture and tasteful decorations. Credits to Amber Atkinson.


This living space is super comfy. I love a bohemian-inspired room, I think I have at least one in every one of my posts. I admire the textiles and vibrant patterns in this room. I like the cactus light in particular! Credits To Kinley Johnson.


A vintage vibe. I have always been a fan of a more traditional interior in some homes. I like the soft green tones in this room, and the plush carpet and chair. Everything comes together so nicely. Photo credits to Erika of La Roux Vintage. They actually own an Etsy shop, feel free to check them out here!

Living Rooms

I admire a well-put together living room, so I have compiled a collection of some gorgeous living rooms I had the opportunity to come across these past couple weeks. 

I admire a well-put together living room, so I have compiled a collection of some gorgeous living rooms I had the oppurtunity to come across these past couple weeks. 

Credits to Stratton Carr.

Credits to r/bcoops on Reddit.

Credits to Stratton Carr.


Okay, Pause. I was just recently talking about how couches with raised legs look absolutely stunning. They work wonders because they give the room a spacious impression. They are particularly great for smaller living rooms, but they can make larger living rooms even more roomy! Photo credits to Tanya Valeria.


Wall art galleries are in. If you have extra space on a wall and you're looking for a way to decorate it, check out this room. Checkout the little composition on the wall and how it looks so nice in this home. Lookout for some floating shelves that go well with the paint, and fill the space with art or decor!

An Artful Composition

Speaking of wall art, here is a room that does it masterfully. What really draws me in is the interesting color palette, it is bright, colorful and cool.

I love how the room owner utilized the ample space in this room. I like how the wooden beam takes on a functional role by being a clever place to store items. And of course, I love art! Credits to Tom Mitchell.


Where do I even start? This room looks phenomenal. This room is classy, vibrant, dark, colorful, and many other nice things. I feel like this room comes straight out of a magazine cover! Incredible job putting this room together. 


Play with light! Look for some cool ways to light up your home! Neon signs, sunset lamps, crystal lamps, string lights, LED strips, you name it. This is one of my favorite examples I came across this week, the signs add so much character to this space. Photo by Tom Knier.

Dining Areas

Look at this cool arrangement! I haven't seen a dining area like this one before, and now I am a fan! I think this is a very nice use of space, it makes the most of those corners!

Simple, elegant, and welcoming, that's how I would describe this room. Definitely one of my favorite dining rooms I came across this week. I have been looking everywhere online for that amazing light fixture above the table!

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