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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 010

Welcome back to another collection of homes and living spaces that are sure to inspire you with ways you can adorn your own home. I am very excited to talk about these rooms, many of them are spectacular examples of decorating done right. All right lets dive in!


A charming bathroom. I absolutely adore this bathroom for several reasons. I am a big fan of the classic white subway tile surrounding the shower, complimented by a tasteful rug and washcloths by the sink. The color pallete used for the whole room is lovely, and the splashes of color from the plants and cabinet are a nice touch. 


Textiles are in. The plush, vibrant and elaboratly decorated textiles in this room give it a comfortable, colorful and almost regal vibe. I dig it! Lately I have also been advising people to make little galleries on the wall if you have the space for it, and this room does it really nicely. Credits to Maggie Grove.

Cozy Spaces

Winter is right around the corner, and with it comes cooler temperatures. Now is the best time to invest in some warmer and more plush decorations that will keep you feeling nice and cozy indoors. Here are some examples of some rooms I came across that immediately struck me as lovely places to be during the cooler months of the year. 

Credits to Sara Barovic

Credits to Reddit user r/Limarieh



The cutest doorway. Sometimes all it takes is 1 clever idea that really transforms a space and gives it character. This is easily one of my favorite little spaces I came across recently! Credits to reddit user r/_planties


The warmest living room. A big christmas tree, some warm lights, and a clean space is all you need for a beautiful living room. I love the fireplace in this room ;). 


It's the holidays, I can't help but include some of that magical Christmas decor inside this blog post. You can count on me to share these festive living spaces as long as I keep coming across them! Below are some of my favorites I had the pleasure of getting to check out. 


Credits to Katherine Paige

Credits to Elayne DeMattio

Credits to Reddit user r/rolesium123

Credits to Reddit user r/bridget1495



This space rocks. Seriously, this well-fashioned room look great. The simple yet tasteful furniture and the spacious layout really make this room stand out. Im a fan! Credits to Dylan.


Wow!! Where do I start? This has got to be one of the nicest rooms I came across while looking for inspiration online. I absolutely adore the soft pink white and plum color pallete, and the lovely paint and wallpaper on the walls. And, theres lots of natural light and the nice night-light in the corner. Well done! Credits to Reddit user r/Sarikaya__Komzin

Artisan Spotlight: Bonnie Belt

I wanted to try something a bit different in this edition's home decor spotlight. Not only did I want to showcase some beautiful living spaces, but I also wanted to talk about some gorgeous decorative items made by artisans from my home state of California. One of the artisans I got the chance to meet was Bonnie Belt, an incredibly talented ceramic artist with work available on her website.

Bonnie was born in Central California but moved to Southern California when she was 3 years old. Today they reside within the redwood trees of Mendocino county. She has made many stunning ceramic arts that are rooted in nature.

inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th that focuses on creating harmony with nature and a sense of personal peace. She is also influenced by the Japanese and Chinese Arts.

The first thing that attracted me to her artworks was how detailed and living-like she created the root systems of the ceramic sculpture. The tree looks well-detailed and stunning! I love how she stylishly made the tree-like sculptures into useful household utensils such as teapots and flower vases.

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Learn more about Bonnie Belt, a skilled artisan with the ability to create intriguing and fascinating artworks. 

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How incredibly refreshing! I love love love plants and I think they look great anywhere in your home. The photo above is courtesy of Modern botanical, a lovely shop that sells planter and wall sets. They sell the same ones you see in the photo above! 


The Coziest Corner. I adore this space, it looks so warm, friendly, fun and inviting. The wall art also draws my eye, it looks so fun! I could not wait to share this one with you guys. 

Warmest Rooms

A lovely, comfortable and inviting living space is so so so nice to have in the colder months of the year. If you're looking for ways to 'warm-ify' your room, check out some of these amazing examples of tastefully put together living spaces. 

Credits to Reddit user r/jennabryan

Credits to Reddit user r/antici-pation


Credits to @kelseysnowball on Instagram


A splendid, sprawling space. If I could, I would totally move into a space with an open floor-plan like this one. The free and extra space looks great just by itself. Rugs work wonders in rooms like this, and the room owner did it perfectly.


A warm setup. What really draws my eye is how harmonius all the furniture and decorations in the room seem to be. There's a variety of colors and textures but they all compliment eachother in a visually pleasing way. Well done! 

Views Inside and Out

Sometimes rooms are so well put together that you could be in awe on the inside looking IN and OUT. That's exactly how I feel about these very charming rooms.  







A grand, stunning space. When I saw this room for the first time, I imagined myself in a beautiful forest right after some heavy winter slow. Despite the winter vibes, It actually gives off an incredible warm, cozy and inviting energy. This is easily one of my favorite living spaces I came across over the past week. Credits to Denise Davies


The perfect place for a nice movie. What I love most about winter is the fact that everyone usually stays inside more, which means more fun indoor activities such as movie nights or pillow-forts. This living room feels like the perfect place for all sorts of holiday fun that December brings. Nicely done! 

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