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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 011

Photo credits to @leaves_and_lace on Instagram

It's a new day, which means another opportunity to spend the day admiring some incredible, jaw-dropping living spaces put together so tastefully. Ok, maybe I might spend a little too much time just diving in and checking out rooms. But when they look this good how can you blame me? Below you will find a collection of different rooms that all look great, and I hope they give you some ideas on how to decorate your own living space. Let's get to it!


A Splendid Space. This charming room combines cozy decor with some festive accents, and I am a huge fan. I think I spot a chunky-knit blanket in this photo too to the right, which is one of my favorite things to have in a home. Well done! 


An elegant view, inside and out. The comfortable sofa and the extra warm blankets and pillows look so good here, and it comes with an excellent view of the lush green scenery right outside. I'm a fan! 

Home and Decor Showcase

Below is a compilation of living spaces that I absolutely adore. I had the oppurtunity to discover these rooms as I was looking online for inspiration for my own home. Im always inpspired to see such well put-together homes. Im jealous!


Photo credits to Catherine

Photo credits to Reddit user r/nbehrman

Photo credits to Alex Cappadona




A Cozy Corner. This little space comes across as being peaceful and serene. You could grab a nice coffee and just hang out here watching the sunrise, or read a nice book here during the sunset. How lovely!


A stunning room thats simply electric. I absolutely adore the decorations and use of bright, vibrant colors. Those red lights also look incredibly cool and fit perfectly with the vibe of the room. Love it! 

Christmas Tree Collection

I just had to share all these pictures of beautiful living spaces featuring Christmas Trees. There is just something so magical and wholesome about them, and they always look nice in your home around this time of year.



Photo credits to Reddit user r/queertree

Photo credits to Emily Francisco

Photo credits to Mia Fothergill

Photo credits to Alex


A peaceful space. Oh my goodness, what a lovely space. I imagine that some of the bests naps in the area are taken right in that chair. This, some light rain, some ambient music and a good book. 


The coolest pad. I like how this room is furnished, the chairs, sofa and cabinets all add tasteful splashes of color that compliment the whole room nicely. Credits to Reddit user r/shivam2112

Artisan Spotlight: Blue Plate

Looking for some ceramic kitchenware to bring into your home? Blue plate ceramics are crafted in Northern California, Los Altos Hills. The ceramics are created focusing on Scandinavian aesthetics - a clean, minimalistic artistic approach that combines functionality with beauty. 

Blue Plate ceramics are created focusing on wheel throwing and hand building. The result is endless visually appealing aesthetic possibilities. Each ceramic is designed and handcrafted meticulously, and the result is beautiful everytime.

Blue Plate ceramics was started 15 years ago by an artist, a mother of four, and a photographer. According to her, working with clays helps her to converse with her mental parts while leaving creative space for spontaneity and variation.

She takes clear, unfiltered pictures of her ceramics before shipping them. She is naturally inspired by nature, music, memories, and her state of mind. These, in turn, have a great influence on are crafted ceramic plates.

Bay Blogs: Blue Plate

Bay Blogs: Blue Plate

Discover the fascinating, vibrant and scandinavian-inspired ceramics of Blue Plate. Founded and based in the Los Altos Hills of Northern California. 

Read More


A classy library. This is a photo of a stunning library at a university in Cambridge. I am totally in love with the whole vibe of this little area, and the amazing view. Credits to Reddit user r/spaceandbrains.


Clean, productive, classy. I like the use of space here, everything looks put together, organized and overall very charming. I love the wooden desks, bookshelves and wall art. Looks great!

Sofa Spotlight

What's better than a nice and plush sofa? I am going to need a minute to think, because there's not many things that are! Sofas come in so many different shapes, sizes and colors and I love them all. Here are some awesome rooms with some sofas that I like!



Photo credits to Reddit user r/Accurate_Orange5700




A stately space. This is such a nice room, what I love in particular is the spacious and open layout complimented by some nice decorative touches. I really like the house plants here, they always look so good in spaces with plenty of natural light. 


Delightfully Festive. This room is absolutely perfect for the winter months. It's warm, inviting, and full of that magical festive spirit. I love it! Credits to Reddit user r/TJScoolusername.

Desk Spaces

I am always so jealous of other people's little home offices. I say this all the time, but if my own work station looked as good as the ones in these homes then you'd probably see twice as many blog posts every week. I can only dream! Here are some of my favorite spaces I came across recently. 


 Photo credits to Clara


There's no place like THIS home. Wow, I have always love neon signs in homes and this is exactly why. They add so much color, character and coolness to your space. Credits to Reddit user r/afortefor


Wrapping up with some more festive magic. It's getting closer and closer to one of my favorite days of the whole year, and I love seeing people putting up their holiday decorations around this time of year. The lights, textiles and christmas decor all come together perfectly in this room. Well done! 

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