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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 012

Photo credits to reddit user u/Funbutnotrly 

Hello there and happy holidays! I took a little bit of a break to spend some time with my friends and family for Christmas, but I definitely wanted to write another spotlight before I get too busy again. I am particularly excited to write this one because I came across a TON of fantastic looking rooms recently. Expect another post to be up soon after this one. 

I also wanted to announce that I have become aware of a bug that was preventing people from signing up to our email list. I hope to have that fixed up soon so you can subscribe and be notified whenever I post! Expect and update within the next few days. Alright, let's explore some decor!


Stellar Stockings. I will always cherish Christmas and the festive decorations associated with it, even if that wonderful day has already passed. I am in love with this charming and cozy setup, this area feels like it has been tastefully curated to give off the most cozy vibes. Well done!


Would you believe this is a converted bus! Crazy right!? Who needs an apartment when you could live in a bus that looks THIS good on the inside? The renovation and design of this space was so well done. I love the instruments, especially how well the keyboard sits in here. I'm a fan! Check out their Instagram @Insteaders.

Wrapping up the Holiday Decor

It is almost January, and with it comes the new year, new adventures and new ideas. As we wrap of 2022, here are some of the last festively decorated rooms I managed to come across for this month. I am already looking forward to this same time next year just to see all the Christmas trees come back up! 


Credits to Reddit user u/vitalityy

Credits to Reddit user u/hellomatryoshka

 Credits to Reddit User u/perfectplace2cry

Credits to Reddit User u/raphlazr

Credits to Reddit user r/ejsell


This room is simply spectacular. I actually wanted to take the time to shout-out @dirtandglass, the incredibly talented photographer who took the photo of this room and has taken many other great shots that I've featured in a couple of my blog posts. I highly recommend checking out their instagram and website for even more inspiration! 


My jaw has fallen to the floor. This room is absolutely stunning! I feel like every design element was taken into consideration when this room was curated, everything about it seems to flow and look great together. The colors, texture, use of space, the choice of furniture, everything looks so well done here. This room is easily one of my absolute favorites I came across this year. Well done! Credits ro Reddit user u/magenta_lilies.

Room Spotlight


I love the use of LED lights and now these new lamp-lights that I have been seeing online. They add so much color and interesting patterns to rooms

I am also a huge fan of the cute little decorations on the chair and on the fridge! It's the little arrangements that really bring a space together

This bedroom is stunning. It's so vibrant and simultaneously relaxing. Seeing this makes me definitely want to invest in a few LED strips for my own place! Credits to Reddit user u/itsmadixoxo


A comfy retreat. The warm wooden textures and comfy plush furniture give off such a snug and inviting vibe in this room. The holidays here feel like they would be a blast. Credits to Reddit user u/colliesforever


This room took my breath away. Wow, I am absolutely in love with the design, layout and arrangement of this room. The colors and soft textiles look so good underneath the ample natural sunlight that this room has. Superb! 

Artisan Spotlight: Bonnie Belt

I wanted to try something a bit different in this edition's home decor spotlight. Not only did I want to showcase some beautiful living spaces, but I also wanted to talk about some gorgeous decorative items made by artisans from my home state of California. One of the artisans I got the chance to meet was Bonnie Belt, an incredibly talented ceramic artist with work available on her website.

Bonnie was born in Central California but moved to Southern California when she was 3 years old. Today they reside within the redwood trees of Mendocino county. She has made many stunning ceramic arts that are rooted in nature.

inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th that focuses on creating harmony with nature and a sense of personal peace. She is also influenced by the Japanese and Chinese Arts.

The first thing that attracted me to her artworks was how detailed and living-like she created the root systems of the ceramic sculpture. The tree looks well-detailed and stunning! I love how she stylishly made the tree-like sculptures into useful household utensils such as teapots and flower vases.

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Learn more about Bonnie Belt, a skilled artisan with the ability to create intriguing and fascinating artworks. 

Read More


Now this is a winter paradise. I have been telling my friends for a while now that smaller Christmas trees look so good as a festive decoration. Just look at this room! I also like the lighting and the very interesting panels on the wall. They draw in my eye! Credits to r/gorotex__ on reddit


.A peaceful place. Certain rooms seem to carry a relaxing, welcoming vibe when you enter them. That is exactly how I feel about this room just by seeing the photo. It looks so warm and cozy, and very pleasant to look at! Credits to Reddit user u/Mariecrepes

Killer Kitchens

I had the immense pleasure of coming across absolutely stunning photos of some beautiful kitchens and dining areas recently, here is a little collection of some of my favorites!

Credits to @The_Big_Red_Hoose on Instagram

Credits to Reddit User r/vipanen

Credits to Reddit User u/Sektrif


This room feels so roomy, cozy and comforting. This, a good movie, and some hot cocoa please! Getting stuck indoors during a snowstorm actually sounds like it would be very nice here! Credits to Reddit user r/Pitiful-Teaching-406


Pause, look at this!! I have been so on the fence on remodeling my kitchen with a more interesting backsplash, but after seeing this room I think I am going to all in on a design like this! This looks so so good, I love the design and decorations. Also the lighting strips look perfect here! Credits to reddit user r/frygidal

Views Inside and Out

Sometimes rooms are so well put together that you could be in awe on the inside looking IN and OUT. That's exactly how I feel about these very charming rooms.  







A stunning home library. Bookshelves and collections of books look so classy in a home, especially when they are arranged in a way like this. I should read more to be honest, but I imagine I would read much more if I had a space like this to get lost in a novel!


Gorgeous textures, colors and vibe. There are so many fascinating elements in this room that catch my eye. The vibrant and colorful rugs, the beautiful christmas tree, the fireplace and texture of the walls, I am a fan of it all! Credits to Logis de la Cendrery.

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