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Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 013

Welcome back to another collection of homes and living spaces that are sure to inspire you with ways you can adorn your own home. I am very excited to talk about these rooms, many of them are spectacular examples of decorating done right. All right lets dive in!


The space in this room feels so snug and cozy, with the perfect amount of space and natural sunlight. I could imagine myself focusing on a passion hobby, getting lost in a book, or simply enjoying the view in this room. Credits to reddit user r/zeibeats


I absolutely adore being inside cabins, especially during the winter months. This is one of those cabins I dream of having for myself one day! I love the textiles, decorations, and that tasteful rug! Credits to Reddit user r/Noheifers

Room of the Week

I just had to dedicate this section to this absolutely stunning room. This charming space feels like it has been specially curated to be refreshing, productive, relaxing and comfortable all at the same time. I fancy the arrangement of this whole space, well done! You can check out the Instagram of the room owner, @titanya.exe





Wooden textures are my favorite thing in the world, and this is why. Not only do the hardwood floors look so good alongside the walls, but the furniture and decorations compliment the earthy tones in this room so well. I am a fan! Credits to Reddit user r/walshindustries


A lofty couch, some colorful textiles, and an organized space are all the ingredients you need for a great looking living room. This room feels fun, inviting and comfortable, and has all the things I love to see in living rooms. Well done! Credits to Reddit user u/BootlegMoon

Cozy Space Showcase

Here is my little curated collection of some impressively cozy spaces I came across as I was looking for inspiration online. I have fallen in love with browsing the internet and coming across the beautiful homes of people, here are some I'd like to share with you! 

Photo credits to Instagram user @vzvmki


Photo credits to Reddit user r/rzaddy

Photo credits to Reddit user u/tuloks

Photo credits to Reddit user u/MrsPickles90

Photo credits to Reddit user u/BelCanto


Soft textiles, beautiful colors, and festive decorations all come together so tastefully in this room. If Santa had the chance to visit this home for Christmas, he'd probably stay awhile! Credits to Reddit user u/cloudsinherhead


Wrapping up the festively decorated rooms is one of my favorite right here. I am such a fan of the warm lights and the hanging decorations from the ceiling. Absolutely gorgeous. Credits to Reddit user u/arschkroete2

Artisan Spotlight: Bonnie Belt

I wanted to try something a bit different in this edition's home decor spotlight. Not only did I want to showcase some beautiful living spaces, but I also wanted to talk about some gorgeous decorative items made by artisans from my home state of California. One of the artisans I got the chance to meet was Bonnie Belt, an incredibly talented ceramic artist with work available on her website.

Bonnie was born in Central California but moved to Southern California when she was 3 years old. Today they reside within the redwood trees of Mendocino county. She has made many stunning ceramic arts that are rooted in nature.

inspiration from the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th that focuses on creating harmony with nature and a sense of personal peace. She is also influenced by the Japanese and Chinese Arts.

The first thing that attracted me to her artworks was how detailed and living-like she created the root systems of the ceramic sculpture. The tree looks well-detailed and stunning! I love how she stylishly made the tree-like sculptures into useful household utensils such as teapots and flower vases.

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Bay Blogs: Bonnie Belt

Learn more about Bonnie Belt, a skilled artisan with the ability to create intriguing and fascinating artworks. 

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If you've been reading my blog posts for awhile, you probably know already how much I absolutely adore plants and bohemian inspired rooms. This has got to be one of my favorites this week. Checkout their Instagram! @siobhanpls


This simple and elegant fireplace setup is such a gem. I love the little hanging sign above it as well! It adds such a sweet and warm touch to an already beautiful space. Credits to Reddit user r/simpleheck

Rooms I Fancy, A lot

Something about these spaces just puts a smile across my face, and I figured I would share them with you guys too! Whether it be the lighting or the decorations or the arrangement, each of these spaces deserve a little spotlight! 

Photo credits to Reddit user r/cica05

Photo credits to Reddit user r/clubmasterc

Photo credits to r/katy_coop


This grand chamber is breathtaking in is arrangement and appearance. This rooms looks like it could be straight out of a movie! Incredibly impressive job. Checkout the photographers Instagram! @kavenusss


I can't get enough of this room, I absolutely adore the spacious layout and the comfy furniture. The color of the chairs is so appealing to me, and I like how the surrounding bookshelves look so good within the space too. Credits to Reddit user r/bobberhom



I fancy this bohemian inspired space within this home. This feels like the perfect getaway to the vibrant and bustling urban atmosphere outside. A fresh cup of coffee here in the morning seems like such a treat. 


Love love love the setup in this living room, there's lots of little decorations that bring it all together. I love the rug, the arrangement of the fireplace, and the hanging guitar in this room. It gives off fun, cool energy. 

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