Ethan Carel - January 30, 2023

Home Decor and Design Spotlight: 014

Photo credits to Reddit user u/iulipuppybaroness

Can you believe that it's almost February already? Me neither! I felt like I began 2023 with a lot of positive momentum, and I am still riding that wave well into this next month. And I hope you are too! And if you're looking for a little dose of some inspiration and optimism to help catapult you through this year, you're in the right place. This article is filled with some incredibly well decorated rooms and living spaces I came across so far this month. If you were on the fence about changing things up in your living space, it's a new year so now is the perfect time! Take some inspiration from the rooms below.


I am so into this space! I just love how all the little decorations in the space, and how nicely the colors flow together. This is one of my favorite spaces I came across recently. I Credits to Reddit user u/near_jar


If I could have my own version of a room like this, I'd dedicate an entire blog post to just showing it off and talking about it. One day maybe! This room is exceptionally well put together, I am a huge fan! Credits to Reddit user u/j0shuakleach

The Cozy Collection

I saw all of these photos and I just knew I had to share them with you. There is something so comforting and slightly magical about each of these spaces; I admire how well they are put together!

Credits to Reddit User u/antique_surround_753

Credits to Reddit User u/applenina

Credits to Reddit User u/jumpy_inspector_

Credits to Reddit User u/hardhatfishy

Credits to Serena Cutler, a talented artist from Wales

Credit to Reddit User u/vu_uv. Checkout their post here!


I am so fond of this very warm and inviting bedroom. The candles and decorations on the shelfs, along with the soft and relaxing lighting make this room stand out in the sweetest way. Credits to Reddit User u/j0shuakleach


The lovely textiles, plants, and ornaments compliment this room perfectly, and look harmonious with the beautiful view of the outdoors. Seeing this room reminds me of how much I need a Nintendo Switch of my own haha! Credits to Reddit User u/stornow4y

Delightfully Decorated

It is so hard for me not to go on a home-decor spending spree after seeing how nice these rooms look, my willpower is seriously hanging by a thread. Checkout these wonderful rooms full of creative and charming ornaments.

Credits to Reddit User u/chicken152425

Credits to Reddit User u/flowerpoetrygirl

Credits to Reddit User u/glittersplosion

Credits to Reddit User u/leemky

Credits to Reddit User u/wackyweiner

Credits to Reddit User u/scardien


This delightful room is decorated with some of my favorite trinkets that I love to see in homes. I absolutely adore the red Salt Crystal lamp by the TV, and the hanging plants by the windows. Credits to Reddit user u/iron07maiden


This lovely room caught my eye because of the super cute light! It adds such a fun and appealing character to this already stunning room.  Credits to Reddit User u/maximumbuck


This traditional-style home is one of my favorites I came across. I am a huge fan of the beautiful floating books, and the little knick-knacks by the lamp and around the room. So lovely!


I am so into this kitchen setup. I love the colors and design of the cupboards and backsplash, as well as the decorations by the window! Everything looks so organized and clean; I would love to cook in a home like this! Credits to Rob White. Check out his Instagram to see more of his work

A Rendered Paradise

I came across a gorgeous collection of rendered spaces and I just had to share them. Even if they are conceptual, they are so lovely and look like such peaceful and cozy rooms to live in. If I could design my future home, I would definitely use these rooms as inspiration! Checkout more work from the artist's Instagram @wildfuture__





There is so much I like about this room. It holds a charm that is inviting, and feels full of color and personality. I love the palette of this space, as well as the interesting patterns on the textiles and windows. Credits to Reddit user u/apfernweh


Sometimes all a space to feel comfortable and productive is... space! This space keeps things simple by focusing on the essentials, and it works perfectly. Credits to Instagram User @dontracethelocals

Home of the Week

I came across one of the most gorgeous apartments I have seen in a long time the other day, and I was blown away. I fancy so many things about the entire home! The tasteful selection of wall decor, furniture, ornaments, plants and home accessories are all put together in a way that gives this entire home an incredibly charming atmosphere. These three photos only capture a small piece of the magic, check out the original post here! Credits to Reddit User u/AffectionateDevice





Wow!! I love love love how the sunset lamp looks in this room, it looks perfect! I just got a few for my own home and I have been having so much fun finding ways to light it up in fun ways. Well done here! Credits to Juliet


I am so fond of the textiles and color palette of this room. The warm, cozy and tasteful choices of furniture and ornaments give this room a delightful atmosphere, perfecting for winding down. Credits to Reddit User u/msha7

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