Ethan Carel - Sep 29, 2022

Over 15 Ways To Decorate Your Home With Plants

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash

MIt is a well known fact that plants make an excellent addition to your home, but did you know that there are even science-backed benefits to having real plants in your home? Studies show being in the presence of real plants reduces stress, sharpens attention, improves productivity, and even helps you recover from illnesses faster! Here are some ways to incorporate plants inside your home so you can enjoy all of their benefits.

1. Filling up the living room with greenery

Potted plants look great everywhere, literally. Don't be afraid to bring those beautiful plants inside and place them near windows, on chairs, on the ground, or anywhere else there is space for them.

2. They can go by the fireplace!

I would only recommend putting artificial plants by fireplaces that are either covered or that don't actually have a live fire inside of them. So long as safety measures are taken into account, plants can look great in this kind of setting! Photo by Space Joy on Unsplash

3. Bring them into the bedroom

If you have extra desk space in your bedroom then feel free to fill it in with some small plants! This room I like a lot in particular because the plants compliment the nature that is right outside the door to this room. 

4. Design around outdoor greenery

Plants can look great indoors, but they look astounding when used in outdoor settings like the front porch or back yard. I like this example a lot because it's a nicely arranged outside area that is decorated with flowers, plants, a tree, and natural greenery. Places like this are perfect for gatherings! Photo by Mary Jane.

5. Let them hang!

I absolutely love hanging plants, bonus points if they are real plants or even vines. If your ceilings aren't incredibly tall, I would definitely explore hanging plants from them. Give it a try, but I'm warning you: once you start, you might never stop! Photo by Meera.

6. Place them by the TV!

Border your nice TV stands with some complimentary plants. And if you have extra cabinets built into your TV stands, why not put some itty-bitty plants in there too? This is a phenomenal use of space. I particularly like the layout of this room because there is also lots of greenery that can be seen outside the windows as well.

7. Put them in green rooms

If you are lucky enough to have a room in your home that is painted in a nice of shade of green, plants will look very pleasing and natural there. I'm a huge fan of how all the colors work together to create a charming, contempory and natural feel in this room.

8. Create an indoor-garden

This is one of my favorite rooms I came across while writing this post. Plant rooms like this can be incredible places to sit down and read, have a morning coffee, or simply just unwind in the presence of nature. Room designed by Audrey.

9. Even a little is a lot

Sometimes all you really need is 1 or 2 tastefully placed plants to really complete a room, and they don't even have to be big plants. In this example, they are incorporated in a subtle way I enjoy. 

10. Set them on the counter

If you have any extra space on a counter, shelf or coffee table then you have space for a plant or even some flowers. Don't be afraid to invest in some nice artificial ones, or maybe just a small succulent.

11. Droopy plants and vines are in

Opt for some plants that hang a little if you can place them pretty well off the ground if you'd like. Who says they have to stand straight up? Try playing with both types of plants.

12. They fill in windows wonderfully

Wondering what to do with all that extra window space? That's right, you probably know by now what I am going to recommend. Throw in some colorful vases, pots and other containers as well! Photo by Amanda Baldyga.

13. Combine big and small plants

Using a variety of different types of plants adds a more natural and dynamic vibe to a room. And as a bonus, why not even have some plants bottled? That's right, and in this room that idea is displayed beautifully at the bottom left. Photo by Josh

14. And here are a bunch of other ways to incorporate plants! The rest of the photos are courtesy of photographers on Unsplash.

Photo Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

And that sums up this week's blog post! I hope you found lots of cool ways to bring some plants into your home. If you're looking for some general decor ideas for just your living room or bedroom then be sure to check out my other blog posts covering them. Unfortunately we do not sell plants on our website, but if you're looking for other fun items to bring into your home you can explore our catalog. Cheers, and see you next week!

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