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Bay Area Artisans: Alex Beck

Learn about Alex Beck, an outstanding ceramic artist from San Francisco who makes beautiful planters, flower vases, and more!

Unique and Gorgeous Ceramicware

Growing Home plants or gardening is known to help maintain focus, relieve stress, boost creativity, and influence the air quality of your home. It is also a great pleasure to watch your plant grow because you provided it with all its optimum requirements for growth 

One way to ensure the survival of Home plants is to grow them inside the best pot and use the required potting medium. Generally, home plants grow better in ceramic pots. This is because ceramic pots absorb moisture better than plastic, rubbers, or metallic pots.

Purchasing ceramic potting requires you to buy a pot that can complement your home's interior décor. This is where Alex Beck`s ceramics come in! Alex Beck is an outstanding ceramic artist from San Francisco. He specializes in making various sizes and designs of planters, flower vases, mugs, and bowls. He makes beautiful ceramic artwork with carved surface texture against brightly shining colors.

“I like every piece that I make to look and feel one of a kind. As a result, I will rarely finish a mug, bowl, vase, or teapot without some type of texture or surface design element”. Alex Beck.

Alex Beck makes his ceramic artwork at two different studios in San Francisco – Ruby`s in the Castro and Brick & Mortar. Alex makes ceramic art with carved surface texture using high-quality fire glaze from Ruby`s in the Castro ceramic studio.

Alex fell in love with wheel-throwing ceramic art when in high school. He took ceramic art classes at Ruby`s in the Castro, where he gained professional knowledge and skills in making unique ceramic art. With the knowledge he has acquired, Alex has made many classy, gorgeous ceramic arts that are used for many purposes. After a couple of years of tirelessly learning various techniques and methods of creating ceramic art, Alex is serving as the teacher`s assistant at Ruby`s in the Castro studio.

He is constantly testing and experimenting with various colors, textures, designs, and functions to make ceramic pots that stand out. Even being a teacher`s assistant at Ruby`s in the Castro studio, Alex is continuously learning about pottery methods, techniques, and craftsmanship from experts in his field and communities

Some samples of Alex Beck ceramics can be found at Red Ranch Shoppers in Fortville. Alex Beck offers wholesale for people interested in re-selling his ceramic products in their shops. Purchasing ceramic artwork from Alex Beck's website is straightforward; he uses square for checkout, which accepts all major debit cards. He offers free delivery to all buyers in the US and Canada through UPS Ground and USPS for easy tracking.

A Dive Into Their Collection 

Alex Beck has made many unique, gorgeous, and appealing ceramic arts. They range from teapots, planters, and vases to mugs and bowls. The planters are in various sizes, shapes, and designs, which you can easily purchase on his website. You can order highly personalized custom- made ceramic pots that can complement your interior decor. The small size of the ceramic pots can conveniently be used to grow home plants for your bedside tables.

Gift the teapot as a thoughtful, unique gift to your friends and family. Eat a happy meal with ceramic plates while feeding your eye with the creativity of Alex Beck.

I would highly recommend visiting his website at to check out his whole collection! 

All of the pieces in this blog post can be found on his website. Some pieces may not still be available for purchase. All photography used in this blog post is courtesy of Alex Beck.


Primary Author: Animashaun Latifat Arinola 

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