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About Us

We're on a mission to connect artisans from all over the world, no matter how big or small, with people who love and appreciate their work and products.

The internet is the best thing that an artisan or small business can have access to. They can offer their products and services to an entire world of people who could absolutely love their work. They are no longer restricted to a local setting, and they now have the ability to reach a much larger audience than word-of-mouth could ever reach. 

Despite such a resource being readily available, there are certainly real barriers to entry when to leveraging all it's benefits. The internet is far more complex than it was just 5 years ago, and with the increasing popularity of main-stream name brand retailers and the rising costs of advertising expenses, it has become increasingly more difficult for small businesses to reach their audiences in a simple and affordable way. 

We are here to change that. We are a home-decor store with a goal to build a community around our love for small businesses and home decor, and to sell products made from vendors no matter how big or small. We promote our vendors because we believe we should show credit where credit is due.

Our Story

Shamilie was originally a small online marketplace for local vendors we would discover at our local fairs. Many of these small vendors sold absolutely gorgeous pillows and pillow covers, but we were shocked to discover that many of these local artisans did not receive the same recognition online as they did offline. We figured, what if we could build a website and tell people about it to support these local vendors? What if we started blogging about these incredible artisans and their stories? What if we could partner up with them and become their online storefront?

So we founded Shamilie, a home-decor store, blog, and community of people with a mission to empower artisans and to inspire each other with educational insight and fresh new ideas relating to bedding and home decor.


Shamilie was founded with the purpose to connect and support artisans and small businesses who deserve a platform to promote their work.

We forward our mission by looking deep inside networks and both online and offline marketplaces to find and partner with small businesses, suppliers and vendors who have an established record of great customer service and high quality products. We have special interest for bedding and decorative pillows. 

Along with selling unique products made from a variety of different vendors, we also work hard to provide our audience with real value outside of just being a place for people to buy products or connect with new vendors. We also run a weekly blog covering a wide variety of topics that would be both educational and inspirational to our audience. 

We are still within the beginning stages of our story, but we are passionate and willing to put in the work to become the one-stop-shop for unique and inspiring products and fresh new ideas.

Check out our catalog, or read about our latest opinions in the home-decor space by checking out our blog