"We're a team and community of decor enthusiasts with a lot of love for the work artisans make for us. Together, we're one big happy Shamilie." 

Hey there! My name is Ethan Carel, and I originally founded Shamilie to be a blog about the items created by the hands of small businesses and local artists I discovered around my home in the Bay Area, California. Since then, we have grown to become an online community of decor lovers. 

I would stroll through local fairs and be introduced to so many cool things, from hand-made cactus silk pillows imported from Morocco, to organic faux leather lumbar pillows made by the hands of skilled local artisans. 

I was surprised to discover that many of these vendors had little to no online or social media recognition, so I thought to myself "What if I could build an online community of people who would totally dig and appreciate their work? What if I could provide these incredibly creative people with the online recognition they deserve?" and thus Shamilie was born, a blog covering the stories of these vendors.  

We are still very small and still working on how to create an experience you will find inspirational, educational and enjoyable. I deeply appreciate your interest in my brand, and I hope you find our content, products and services valuable.

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An Online Home-Decor  Blog Celebrating Artisans Big and Small.

Shamilie began as an online community and blog covering the lives and stories of local artisans who craft bedding in the Bay Area, California. We promote their products and their business on our website to bring attention to their business and connect them to people who might love their products.

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Putting Vendors Under the Spotlight

We give credit where credit is due. We source all of our products from artisans no matter how big or small, and we promote their business on our product pages and blog articles. Giving our partners the recognition they deserve is more important to us than making any sales.  

As well as being a store, we want to offer an extensive list of blog posts and articles that inspire ideas and encourage people to explore the world of decor in an interesting and educational way.

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